Aceria is a large isolated country ruled over primarily by the Kingdom of Mardolf. These people are ruled over by the royal lineage of the Massians. The current king Wolros Massian has surpassed almost all his predecessors in terms of age, but even in his older years is as sharp, good-hearted and wise as ever. The Mardolf army is maintained as a strict and disciplined fighting force, but is small in size and rarely deployed. Policing and patrol instead relies on
the Mardolf Miltia, which is in comparison relatively large, although under-equipped and under-trained at the best of times. In addition, 2 knightly orders guard the kingdom for the glory of the Massians; The Order of the Olive Manticore and The Order of the Red Drake. These act as an elite fighting force and the king’s bodyguard, but are very few in number, and highly difficult to join.

In addition, there is a great emphasis on religion within the kingdom. All the good and neutral gods are worshipped, and in particular Bahumut is seen as the state religion and the god with the largest number of patrons. Bahumut speaks directly to the High Praetor, the religious leader of Mardolf who resides within the Silvern Abbey in the largest city in the kingdom. His words are greatly respected and obeyed, and groups of his followers which attempt to spread and enforce his advice are known as Justicars. Both miltia and the army have had to deal with them time and time again for crimes such as public disruption, assault and murder, and are starting to become a serious problem. Evil gods are severely restricted within the kingdom, followers being hunted down and killed by clerics and knights. It is even considered bad luck to say the name of an evil god in conversation, for fear that they may be listening in.

Magic in the kingdom is also a highly contentious issue. Wizards and warlocks are often treated like strangers and outcasts, and have a high arrest rate despite having done little in the way of crimes. This is because of an infamous event which changed the very world of Aceria. Many years ago, magic was not as taboo as it was today, and one particularly large city known as Bargalrath was a flourishing place for such arcane arts. Spell users belonged to different groups, and warlocks were trained in small number but to a great degree of skill. This all changed with a
young tiefling warlock named Orlock. Orlock was skilled and had a natural aptitude for manipulating magic, but was brash and foolish. Ultimately, he succumbed to the seductions of Asmodeus, the evil god of the Nine Hells to opening a portal to the plane. Devils overwhelmed the city, and were it not for the actions of the 2nd High Praetor who sacrificed himself to close the portal, the whole of the kingdom would have feel into ruin under their unnatural foes. Since that day, the ruins of the city of Bargalrath remain, now known as Blasmpheme. It is a city saturated with this infernal magic, and many evil creatures reside there. To the people in the kingdom, it is simply known as “The Nameless City”, and is believed to bad luck to say its name.